When you feel down and out…

I had such a rubbish day three weeks ago, I was already emotional, I had a grand total of 3.5 hours sleep, my boss asked me to try ignoring NG (nanny Girl) as all she was doing was crying for no reason, I went to toddler group, NG just cried, wanted to be held constantly which mum asked me not to do. She had a clean nappy, didn’t need milk, just wanted to be held all day. Saw some mums who I knew, im sure they were being helpful but I felt very undermined, they see NG for a few hours a week I am with her 4 days (now 2) asking if she needed her nappy changed, if she needed milk, I gave up and walked out of the group crying. This is so unlike me! I called my health visitor up and she said as it was only yesterday I was emotional and stressed Tha it was unlikely that I was developing Post natal depression which can start anytime and is more likely to develop when you have children under 5. I was glad as depression runs in my family, my uncle has depression and is a alcoholic but has good day’s and bad… My mum was diagnosed with cancer and I am sure she had depression but wasn’t treated due to the treatment she was on made her sick so it wouldn’t of helped.
Anyway I feel so lucky that it isn’t I have seen first hand what depression can do to you and sometimes as a family. My views and I would say to anybody if you see a friend having a bad day take the time to find out what’s wrong, don’t ignore them especially when the behaviour you see is so unlike them, I know I would make sure they were okay, because if they are depressed the earlier you notice the more you can do to help.


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