Dear Bear…

Obviously Bear is your nick name it goes well with your real name.
Mummy and daddy weren’t really together, it was still early days when I feel pregnant with you, but you certainly was not a mistake. You were the light to my darkness, you will never know a special lady who would of adored you so much. Special Nana died about 18 months before you were born from cancer when you are older I will tell you anything you want or need to know about her but this letter is about you.
Mummy and daddy we found out you were a boy and we decide to call you Jasper, I was adamant that is what you were called! Obviously you aren’t called that mummy came to her senses as you had orange hair!
You were a very happy baby always laughing to somebody who mummy couldn’t see and you always had a smile for the ladies!
As you got older you weaned yourself of your bottle, and toilet trained yourself, I am quite laid back when it comes to that sort of thing!
Bell came along and you adored her you still do most days.
You started pre-school and you loved it! We had some sadness when you were at pre-school patch and smudge passed away 18 months apart from each other, they were very old.
Time passed and you are now almost a year 1 boy! Where has the time gone! You make me proud every day even when you are driving me mad!
Much love
Mummy xx


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